Fenestra For Advertisers // FFA

By utilising FFA, advertisers can get the most from their financial data to maximise their working media.

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Fenestra For Advertisers // FFA

By utilising FFA, advertisers can get the most from their financial data to maximise their working media.

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Record, Verify,

We capture impression level financial transaction data to establish an immutable data resource that can be verified and optimised.

By following the advertisers media spend we can identify all participants in the media supply chain.

Supply Path

We help buyers to identify efficient and transparent routes to inventory that lead to optimal campaign outcomes. 

Comprehensive analysis that considers inventory pricing, quality and scale conditions to provide partners with actionable insights as campaigns are running.


Fenestra provides the data engine that makes it easier for advertisers and agencies to realise both efficiency and effectiveness gains from their media spend.

Having better data, enables better decisions.  The improvement in ROI in turns supports greater investment through programmatic channels.


Better, more trusting relationships with suppliers allows for the free-flow of feedback, ideas and innovation.

Over time, through continuous improvement this will create a more streamlined, effective supply chain that will have a positive impact on the advertiser’s business.

What our partners say:

“Having worked in media for over a decade, we founded AIP with a new set of principles. Transparency is core to our offering and Fenestra delivers in spades. By mandating Fenestra across the agency, we have closer relationships with our partners and seeing 30-50% performance improvements in our campaigns.”

Sam Fenton-Elstone, Founder & CEO, AIP

“The Fenestra partnership signals our ongoing efforts to create transparency throughout the supply chain and investigate ways for members to work within a fair and accountable ecosystem.”

Richard Reeves, Managing Director, AOP

“I’ve been crusading for greater trust in the media business all my life. When I met Fenestra, I felt I’d found my partner and we’ve seen a 30% performance improvement since.”

Jake Dubbins, Managing Director, Media Bounty

“Fenestra delivers our programmatic clients crystal clear transparency and cross-platform, actionable data insights.  We have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Simon Watson, Head of Digital, Republic of Media

“Fourcomms used Fenestra to track J&J’s Nicorette activity.  We identified up to 49% performance improvements through Fenestra, whom also gave us greater surety over the data we were seeing.”

Richard Springham, Managing Director, Four Health

“MCH started working with Fenestra to map and optimise our programmatic supply-chains on clients such as Laurent Perrier & Livotte. Fenestra enable us to realise greater performance in flight, adding more value to our clients.”

Mark Howarth, Founder and Managing Director, mch london

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Find out how you can understand your financial data, optimise your supply chain and significantly increase your working media.

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