Full-Chain financial transparency & Supply-Path Optimisation

Fenestra’s independent platform and data partners uniquely allows Advertising Buyers and Sellers to bridge supply-chains in near real-time to accelerate programmatic advertising performance

Transparent financial data

The Fenestra Platform captures granular, impression level financial transaction data at scale for independent validation and optimisation.

By analysing data as it is, without bias or vested interest, Fenestra provides robust and verifiable results that can be trusted by all parties.

Through our ads.txt integration, we can help partner’s ensure that their supply paths are authorised.

Optimised supply paths

Cross platform analysis to easily measure how supply paths are performing is a core functionality, delivering ongoing actionable insights that can lead to measurable financial performance improvements.

We facilitate the identification of the most efficient and effective supply paths available, be that price, engagement, viewability or total cost of supply in near real-time.

Performance improvements

Fenestra records and analyses seamlessly, across platforms and along the entire programmatic media supply-chain.

Skylight™ empowers users to make better decisions to increase the financial efficiency, or effectiveness of their programmatic advertising by >25%.

Disclosed supply paths result in a greater percentage of media investment flowing through to the publisher.

Fenestra is a cross-platform offering for both sides of the industry, for the demand side Fenestra For Advertisers (FFA) and for the supply side Fenestra For Publishers (FFP). Fenestra is a bespoke enterprise grade platform, designed and built entirely to support multi-territory programmatic advertising campaigns at scale.

Financial data warehouse

By gathering the most granular financial transaction data from a range of providers along the programmatic-media supply-chain, Fenestra creates a valuable data resource that can be used to guide better decisions.

Fenestra adheres strictly to the IAB oRTB protocol, and is an “out of the box” solution that is already industry tried and tested, making integration and data transfer quick and easy.

Secure and transparent

Commercial confidentiality is essential for enterprise solutions, and that is the foundation of our platform.

Secured access to data and permissioned visibility of transactions are critical to building trusted relationships between entities.

Market leading analytics

We gather, cleanse, transform and model data with the goal of helping our partners discover useful information about their digital advertising. This includes validation with ads.txt data sets.

Skylight™ computes actionable insights, communicated daily to our partners, and informs their decision-making

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Find out how you can understand your financial data, optimise your supply-chain and significantly increase your working media.

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