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About Us

Hello, we're Fenestra—a team of Data Scientists, AI Architects, and Programmatic Traders united by a common goal: to deliver better results for advertisers through simplicity and understanding.

We recognise the difficulties faced by Programmatic teams in managing multiple campaigns, from the constraints of time and labour-intensive manual tasks to the complexities of analysing vast amounts of dynamic data. At Fenestra, we believe in leveraging the power of technology to do the heavy lifting.

Our platform integrates custom-built large language models with ad tech expertise. This enables clients to seize new growth opportunities by cutting manual processes by 30% and optimising bidding strategies, resulting in a 52% boost in campaign performance.

How it works

From the moment your campaign goes live, our platform, Actus™ analyses real-time and historical data, revealing hidden opportunities and offering strategies to boost your campaign performance by up to 52%.

We've redefined how programmatic teams access insights and analytics. Our platform streamlines operations by automating report generation, reducing manual processes by 30% and expediting decision-making.

If you require insights urgently, our revolutionary ChatFST™ technology, provides a comprehensive post-campaign analysis (PCA) within seconds, ensuring you have the knowledge you need, when you need it.


Automate Data  

Simplified global workflow from multi-platform data collection, normalisation and cleaning.

Automate Analysis ChatFST™

Instant access to 100yrs of programmatic expertise through best-in-class dashboards.

Automate Optimisation

Real-time SPO from multi-dimensional bid modification.

 A Tool Built by Programmatic Experts.

Enhanced Campaign Performance through Automation

Our sophisticated AI algorithms swiftly analyse data from diverse sources, unveiling hidden opportunities and identifying key campaign drivers. We offer optimal strategies to efficiently achieve your campaign objectives.

Streamlined Workflows and Reduced Manual Tasks

Save valuable time by reducing campaign management hours by 30%. Our fully automated platform replaces laborious manual processes, allowing you and your team to focus on high-value tasks.

Automated Insights for Enhanced Decision-Making

Say goodbye to time-consuming reports. Our unique ChatFST™ offers instant and precise post-campaign analysis, empowering rapid and well-informed decision-making. It's like having a dedicated analyst on call, reducing manual processes and enabling swift, data-driven decisions.

With Fenestra, you'll save time, maximise effectiveness, and elevate your decision-making.

Our Partners

Fenestra operates as an independent industry partner across the programmatic ecosystem. Our data partners include:

Our Advertisers

We’re extraordinarily pleased with the results! Fenestra delivered 25% improvement for our target conversion goals while also allowing Epitaph’s Subject Matter Experts to focus on upstream work. They’ve a fantastic roadmap ahead and we’re excited for our future partnership.
Head of Digital Platforms & Data, Epitaph Group
- Mike D’Olivera
“Their technology and service solution delivers actionable insights for us and our agency partners, improving KPI’s across the board”
Online Marketing Manager, T-Mobile
- Robert Kruijit
"Gaining more transparency and trust in our programmatic supply-chain exceeded our expectations of Fenestra"
Senior Director, Hearts & Science
- Nadim Karam

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