Programmatic Productivity Management for Brands and Agencies

Win more, more often, for less effort and cost

How am I performing?

How do I improve campaign effectiveness?

How can I increase operating efficiencies?

Fenestra’s productivity management platform provides visibility and control to all your programmatically traded media

We help brands and agencies to understand and optimise their programmatic investment, delivering better, faster, cheaper digital advertising performance

Platform Solutions

Easy, customisable Analytics, Optimisation and Automation Technology

Fenestra's AI creates custom algorithms in near real time that automatically deliver superior performance
Our customisable cloud-based platform brings on-demand productivity management to demand side platforms and digital advertising technology, creating opportunities for greater effectiveness and efficiency in operation
We are an independent and interoperable solution, working with all tech vendors, across all markets, providing data visibility at log-level granularity across the total programmatic value chain
  • Programmatic operations and flow of media investment lacks a single source of truth and insights
  • Actus fuses all your valuable data sources (DSP, SSP, 3PAV’s, AdServer etc) to all your relevant technology and data sources - no pixels or complex integrations required
  • Discover actionable and valuable insights in real-time, identifying supply chain opportunities that can fuel further performance growth


How am I performing?

Realise financial transparency and discover opportunities to boost business outcomes


How do I drive greater campaign effectiveness?

  • Step-change from human “guesstimates” to data and objective-driven actions
  • Actus amplifies outcomes through personalised campaign actions, delivered straight to your teams
  • Intelligent, evidence-based decisioning that improves goal achievement

Simple and easy actions for effectiveness, delivering >20% incremental performance uplifts

  • An explosion in programmatic spend, trading complexity and data granularity has led to an imbalance in trade off between time and value
  • Actus machine learning algorithms optimise campaign management automatically, reducing time spent whilst increasing performance outcomes
  • The removal of repetitive tasks frees up scarce talent to focus on operational transformation and upstream functions such as planning and innovation


How can I increase operating efficiencies?

Win more, more efficiently, saving up to 30% of campaign management time


Fenestra operates as an independent industry partner across the programmatic ecosystem

Our data partners include:

Robert Kruijit

Online Marketing Manager, T-Mobile NL

“Their technology and service solution delivers actionable insights for us and our agency partners, improving KPI’s across the board”

Angelo Di Lascio

Head of Biddable Media, Kindred

“Fenestra increased our programmatic efficiency by >30% and improved viewability scores by >25%”

Nadim Karam

Senior Director, Hearts & Science

“Gaining more transparency and trust in our programmatic supply-chain exceeded our expectations of Fenestra”

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