We provide financial transparency and supply path optimisation across your media supply chain

Fenestra’s immutable, contemporaneous platform empowers advertisers, agencies, technology vendors and publishers to understand and generate deep insights from programmatic advertising to improve business performance.

Better financial data

A single source of financial data removes uncertainty around the real costs associated with each impression and so restores confidence in the supply chain.

By eliminating discrepancies, all participants can benefit from closer and more meaningful relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Optimised supply paths

Cross platform analysis to easily see how supply paths are performing.

We facilitate the identification of the most efficient and effective supply paths available, be that price, engagement, viewability or total cost of supply.

Performance improvements

By measuring and monitoring financial transactions, participants are able to make better decisions to increase the outputs, efficiency, or effectiveness from programmatic advertising.

We enable working media to be maximised across the full chain to the benefit of both the demand and supply side.

The Fenestra Platform

Our platform has an offering for both the demand side, Fenestra For Advertisers (FFA), and the supply side, Fenestra For Publishers (FFP).  Underpinned by Hyperledger Fabric our private and permissioned blockchain solution provides the security and scalability to be expected of an enterprise grade system.

Financial data warehouse

By gathering the granular financial transaction data from a range of providers, we create a valuable data resource that can be used to guide better decisions.

We utilise Hyperledger Fabric to create a linkage to the underlying raw data that persists beyond any campaign lifecycle, and establish an immutable audit trail.

Private and permissioned

Commercial confidentiality is essential for enterprise solutions, and is the foundation of our platform.

Secured access to data and permissioned visibility to transactions are critical to building trusted relationships between entities.

Market leading analytics

We gather, cleanse, transform and model data with the goal of helping our partners discover useful information about their digital advertising.

Our platform generates actionable insights for our partners and informs their decision-making.

Latest News

Fenestra featured as Hyperledger showcase

Hyperledger, the open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, hosted by The Linux Foundation, has recognised and showcased Fenestra as real world, in production implementation.

Our CEO, Ashley MacKenzie, writes for ExchangeWire, and makes the case why active supply-chain management will help to grow the programmatic advertising industry.

Programmatic advertising gets a great deal of coverage, but remains difficult to describe and explain to the uninitiated

AOP announces partnership with Fenestra to deliver transparency in the Sell Side Supply-Chain

The Association for Online Publishing (AOP) today announces a marketing partnership with Fenestra to increase financial transparency within the industry.

Find out how you can understand your financial data, optimise your supply chain and significantly increase your working media.

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