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Who We Are & What We’re Doing

Fenestra leads

an unstoppable movement in the +$600bn advertising business to put trust back in the media industry.

Trust is

the cornerstone of any relationship - between individuals or between an individual and a brand - and across the global advertising and media landscape, it has become sorely and conspicuously absent.

Fenestra restores

trust in the global media industry by delivering a foundational protocol within the sector.


A global, enterprise-grade technology network, with best-in-class distributed-ledger technology.

Designed to INCLUSIVELY ALIGN all necessary parties in the Global Media Buying process, to the benefit of Advertiser, Agency, and Media Owner.

FENESTRA is a comprehensive, independent, total solution:

  • 100% Confidential & Verifiable
  • Buying All Media Channels
  • All Media Mechanisms

The Executive Team

The Fenestra Leadership Group are successful, serial entrepreneurs with a track record in disrupting at the apex of technology and marketing across international markets.

The team collaborated between 2007 and 2014 in the creation and delivery of Base79, a global pioneer in the Online Video advertising space. Base79 was the largest YouTube partner outside of North America and was sold to a stock market listed competitor for a total consideration of $85m.

The team then executed a board/management overhaul of Brave Bison, and completed a successful turnaround strategy, delivering its first ever positive ebitda.

Ashley Mackenzie
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Ashley Mackenzie has had a deep career in media and advertising over 23 years. Starting as a media planner/buyer at Carat (UK), he moved to the sales-side and in 1998, he joined an MBI team acquiring Talk Radio. Ashley held several sales roles their culminating in Managing Director of Impact, their wholly owned national advertising sales house. The business was sold in 2005 for $140mn. Shortly after, Ashley created myvideorights, rebranded Base79, one of the leading MCN’s globally, where he served as Founder & CEO before selling to Rightster Group Plc. for $85mn, in 2014 and stood down. Ashley returned as CEO of the stock market listed business in 2015 and successfully turned around the company before stepping down from the PLC Board in September 2017.

Kevin Deeley
Co-founder & Chief Finance Officer

Kevin Deeley has extensive operational and commercial experience in Public and Private environments, specialising for the last twenty years in the global media sector, the last seventeen at board level. As well as being Finance lead on fourteen successful funding rounds in the last decade, totalling $70m of investment into fast-growth companies in which he owns an equity stake, he also continues to run Finance and Operations “hands-on”. Kevin has supported Ashley and Richard in their business ventures as executive and co-investor since 2009. He studied Economics at City University London, Corporate Finance at London Business School and Corporate Strategy at Chicago University Business School. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in UK.

Richard Mansell
Co-founder & Chief Information Officer

Richard Mansell started and spent much of his career within the big 6 professional service firms (Arthur Andersen/Deloitte/Protiviti) as a finance and technology risk consultant. In 2007, Richard co-founded myvideorights, shortly Base79, one of the leading MCN’s globally, where he served as CIO and COO, formerly leaving on sale of the business. In December 2014, Richard returned as COO of the business and successfully turned around the company once more before resigning in November 2016. He advises and mentors several start-ups within the digital media and technology sector.

Marco Ricci
Managing Director, International

Marco Ricci’s extensive background in Ad-Tech spans 16 years across a variety of Digital businesses. He has led technology teams at WPP GroupM and Microsoft, before moving to Google to lead Sales Teams both in New York and London. Milestones include Global multi-million deals with the 'big 5' Agency groups, as well as partnerships with several NASDAQ & FTSE 100 Brands.

Marco has a passion for Ad-tech transparency, first heading up Ad Verification start-up Telemetry in the US, before taking the CEO role at Adloox and leading them to YonY triple-digit growth across Buy/Sell side clients in over 32 markets. He is an active global speaker on the fight against Ad Fraud, and advocating the use of disruptive technology to ensure financial efficacy across the industry.

Charles Whittingham
President, North America

Charles Whittingam was a founding member of video platform Brightroll and part of the management team that successfully sold the business to Yahoo (now Oath) which bought the company in December 2014 for $640m. Since then, he has been an active angel investor in technology start-ups, and is based in New York.

Founders’ Talking Heads

Industry Advisors

Colin Kinsella



Colin Kinsella is currently CEO for Havas in North America, Advertising Age’s Agency of the Year. Previously, he was Chief Executive Officer of Mindshare North America and President at Digitas North America at Digitalis. Colin has an extensive background of more than 20 years of experience in advertising and is recognised as a digital pioneer of his generation. Colin provides strategic insight in to the global advertising market.

Geoff Seeley



Geoff Seeley is Director of Global Connections and Media Activation for Airbnb. Previously, he was VP Digital Transformation for Pearson and Global Communications Planning Director for Unilever Plc. Geoff’s significant experience, connections and global view client-side enables him to guide the business on the macro-trends shaping advertiser thinking across the world.

Simon Davidson



Simon Davidson is the Chief Executive Officer of Griffin Markets and has two decades of experience in energy trading technology and operating electronic markets. In 2011 Simon co-founded Griffin, a disruptor in the wholesale European energy markets that is the lead OTC gas marketplace in Europe. Simon’s track record in financial market innovation and trading technologies are invaluable to Fenestra in shaping our network’s strategy.

Javier Campos



Javier Campos is Head of Experian DataLabs for UK&I and EMEA. Previously he served as Global CTO at Kantar-WPP, Havas Media and as CIO at GroupM-WPP. He oversees innovation and has pioneered applications of Artificial Intelligence in mobile, fraud, credit, social media, advertising and healthcare. Javier advises Fenestra on its adoption of novel technologies, artificial intelligence and building the core DApp and Network infrastructure.

Bob Wooton



Bob Wooton is a columnist for Marketing Week and the former Director-General of the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA), the organisation that represents the leading UK advertisers. ISBA champions the needs of marketers through advocacy and offers its members thought leadership, consultancy, and networking. Bob acts a senior sounding board to Fenestra as we craft our Go-To Market plans around the world.

Martin Loat



Martin Loat is the founder of marketing industry communications consultancy Propeller Group. Martin started his career as a journalist in the media trade press and has written for several national newspapers, including the FT and The Guardian. With 25 years’ experience, Martin is a board-level consultant and strategist. He specifically advises the business on B2B marketing and how to address advertisers around the world.

Demelza Hays



Demelza Hays is a cryptocurrency research analyst at Incrementum AG, and a junior fund manager for Incrementums Crypto One (ICO) Fund in Liechtenstein and has a Ph.D in Business Economics. At Imperial College London she is a Research Associate of the Imperial Centre for Global Finance and Technology. Demelza provides Fenestra with global insights into the latest trends and opportunities across the cryptocurrency landscape.

State of the Nation

What Advertisers essentially want is to be able to genuinely trust the agencies they work with.

And that is currently not the guaranteed case. Which is where we come in.

Ashley MacKenzie, CEO, Fenestra

The digital eco-system is a minefield for consumers and brands, with the result that online advertising is less and less trusted by consumers and brands are often left questioning their investment strategies.

It’s high time the industry as a whole drew a line in the sand and said enough is enough; things need to change and fast.

David Wheldon, WFA President & RBS CMO

Digital advertising market right now is in a pain and requires solution that will improve its efficiency saving billions of USD by making business relationships and payments reconciliation transparent to supply chain participants.

eMarketer, CNBC

We’re at a tipping point.

We’ve got to do something. I don’t believe that (the media agencies) have got the best interests of their clients at heart any more.

Debbie Morrison, Director, ISBA

We have a media supply chain that is murky at best and fraudulent at worst. We need to clean it up, and invest the time and money we save into better advertising to drive growth.

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G

The topics addressed in the Global Media Charter have been discussed in thousands of meetings and on countless conference stages: non-transparent media, conflicts of interest, rebates and incentives, data ownership and management, brand protection. The list is long.

Gerhard Louw, International Media Management, Deutsche Telekom

As the market continues to change quickly, global brands are being more tangible and specific about what we expect from the entire ecosystem; our tech partners, agency partners media owners and digital platforms. Everyone should join us on this journey.

Ben Jankowski, SVP of Media, Mastercard

I’ve never really come across anything in my career that has caused as much disturbance as the concern of advertisers about the money flows and the validity of the traffic they are buying.

Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer, GroupM

Clearly, we don't need to be spending money that is seen by a bot and not a person. Clearly, we don't need to be spending money on ads that are placed in inappropriate places and that's why you see our significant media spend reduction.

Jon Moeller, Chief Financial Officer, P&G

We have an antiquated media buying and selling system that was clearly not built for this technology revolution. We serve ads to consumers through a non-transparent media supply chain with spotty compliance to common standards, unreliable measurement, hidden and rebates.

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, P&G

Vast changes in technology, the complex digital supply chain, and the proliferation of media outlets (have) provided agencies with additional opportunities to increase their profit margins beyond agency fees. This has led to disconcerting conflicts of interest and a lack of transparency.

Bob Liodice, President & CEO, ANA

We need to rebuild trust: between brands and consumers, between brands and agencies and between brands and publishers.

The WFA Global Media Charter draws an important line in the sand. It identifies, in no uncertain language, what steps the industry needs to take to rebuild trust.

Gerhard Louw, International Media Management, Deutsche Telekom

‘Trust by Design’ is now realistic and implementable. FENESTRA brings alignment, efficiency, verification and value to the media supply chain.

Our aim is to maximise return for advertisers globally through – at its simplest – better data quality.

Ashley MacKenzie, CEO, Fenestra

Whether it be viewability, measurement, ad fraud or brand safety, we must work collectively to drive quality and transparency for our consumers and ourselves as advertisers.

(We need to take) essential steps on the journey to a better digital ecosystem for the industry and society.

Luis Di Como, EVP Global Media, Unilever

There's leakage. The money that goes in is not the same as the money that goes out.

A lot of the money that (advertisers) think they are giving to premium publishers is not actually getting to us.

Hamish Nicklin, Chief Revenue Officer, Guardian

Advertisers want a number of things. They want value, they don’t want to be exploited, or feel exploited. They want healthy, trusting and viable relationships with their third-party suppliers and lead agencies - because that’s how suppliers become partners.

Kevin Deeley, CFO, Fenestra

Blockchain is a new technological institution that will fundamentally change how we exchange value.

Using the blockchain, we can create a shared reality across non-trusting entities.

Bettina Warburg, Political Scientist & Blockchain Researcher

With Fenestra, we’re harnessing the potential of blockchain technology, factoring in where the established providers are still falling short, and have built a solution that iterates and improves on what effectively is everyone else’s beta.

Richard Mansell, CIO, Fenestra

Thought Leadership - The Fenestra Industry Paper

The Fenestra Industry Paper The Fenestra Industry Paper

Published June 2018

Click to download

‘Transparent’ can now be fairly represented in both word and deed. Not faux or semi, or mildly opaque, but wholly and legitimately transparent. And this further means that agencies and their client partners can reset their relationship, where in using blockchain technology, transparent and verifiable trading practices are assured. ‘Fully Visible & Verifiable’ becomes the baseline.

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